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The word “dunton” means “farm on the hill”.

 The village sign depicts a farm scene with a farm at the top of a hill and also includes a steam engine and a pond.

 Hence “farm on the hill”.   Moreover, years ago, a steam engine was the ‘new’ means of travel and transportation.

 “Dunton” was a stop off point for these steam engines to fill up with water.

 In the area now known as Kings Pond, there was a large pond from which the steam engines filled up. The pond

had a sort of staging area where the engines pulled up and this resembled a wharf. Consequently, it gave rise to and

became known as ……Dunton Docks. Dunton Docks is a term still used today in village conversations.  The Parish of

Dunton encompasses the village of Dunton and the hamlets of Millow and Newton. Dunton is situated in the South

East corner of Bedfordshire  bordering both Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire at an altitude of 57 metres above sea level.


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